Adolf Anderssen Chess Festival
under the Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Wroclaw

Wroclaw (Poland), 8.08.2024 – 15.08.2024

Organizers and Partners
  • Lower Silesian Chess Federation
  • Adolf Anderssen Foundation
  • Sports Club AZS Wratislavia
  • Patronage of the Polish Chess Federation
Playing venue

The Center for Young Culture and Local Initiatives CZASOPRZESTRZEŃ
Adress: Tramwajowa 1-3, 51-621 Wrocław

Festival website:
Tournament groups
Tournament and dateConditions of participationTime control
Number of rounds
Entry fee
Wroclaw OPEN A
Elo >= 2100
Players with ELO 2000-2099 upon payment of a higher entry fee
9 rounds
55 EUR (players with ELO >= 2100)
75 EUR (players with ELO 2000-2099)
Wroclaw OPEN B
Elo 1800-2100
Players with ELO 1700-1799 upon payment of a higher entry fee
9 rounds
42 EUR (players with ELO >= 1800)
55 EUR (players with ELO 1700-1799)
Wroclaw OPEN C
Elo <= 180090’/40+15’+30’’/move
9 rounds
37 EUR
Group D Weekend FIDE OPEN
National rating >=1600
and Elo < 1800
7 rounds
28 EUR
Group E
„Second step”
National rating 1200-160030’+30’’/move
7 rounds
21 EUR
Group F
„First step”
National rating 1000-120020’+10’’/move
6 rounds
14 EUR
Anderssen Blitz &
Party at the Marina
(from 18:00)
No age or rating restrictions3’+2’’/move
9 rounds
14 EUR
Adolf Anderssen Memorial 15.08.2024No age or rating restrictions10’ + 5’’/move
9 rounds
19 EUR

Players with a GM, IM, WGM title pay no entry fee.
Grandmasters are welcome to contact us individually to negotiate starting conditions.


PlaceAnderssen MemorialOPEN AOPEN BOPEN C
1st2000 PLN6000 PLN2500 PLN1500 PLN
2nd1500 PLN4000 PLN2000 PLN1000 PLN
3rd1000 PLN3000 PLN1500 PLN800 PLN

The remaining prizes will be announced before the 4th round of the tournament.

The organizer provides prizes for the winners of the additional classifications according to the table below, under the condition of participation of min. 4 competitors in each classification.

CategoryMemoriał AnderssenaOPEN AOPEN BOPEN C
Women200 PLN400 PLN300 PLN300 PLN
Seniors 60+200 PLN400 PLN300 PLN300 PLN
Junior U18200 PLN400 PLN
Junior U14200 PLN300 PLN300 PLN
Rating awardsELO 2001-2200: 150 PLN
ELO 1801-2000: 150 PLN
ELO 1601-1800: 150 PLN
ELO 1400-1600: 150 PLN
without ELO: 150 PLN
ELO <= 2200:
400 PLN
ELO <= 1900:
300 PLN
ELO <= 1600:
300 PLN

At least 10% of participants will be awarded in each tournament.

Money prizes are given in gross amounts. According to Polish law, prizes up to 2000 PLN are untaxed, while a 10% tax applies on all other prizes.

Tournament rules

Current FIDE rules apply. The default time is 30 minutes.
Players are not allowed to use or carry with them in the playing venue any electronic devices not authorized by the arbiter.
Mobile phones that have been switched off can be deposited before the round.
The following tournaments will be FIDE rated: Adolf Anderssen Memorial (rapid chess), Wroclaw OPEN A, Wroclaw OPEN B, and Wroclaw OPEN C, Weekend FIDE OPEN (standard chess).
Players are allowed two half-point byes in rounds 1-7, provided they give adequate notice and sign the bye-request paper at the arbiters’ table before the end of the previous round.
This option cannot be used by players benefiting from special conditions.


Registrations should be submitted using the form on the website or by email at    Application deadline: 31.07.2024
The organizer reserves the right to close the list of registrations early. A registration is considered confirmed after paying the entry fee and marking this fact on the starting list.

Players who have paid their entry fee and have been marked on the starting lists do not have to confirm their presence in the festival office. If this is not the case, please contact the office before the registration deadline.

Bank account for payments (only EUR)

IBAN: PL 18 1600 1462 1084 8379 4000 0001
Owner: Dolnoslaski Zwiazek Szachowy (Lower Silesian Chess Federation)


Participants of the Festival are offered accommodation in student dormitories of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. The distance from the playing venue approx. 1 km.

 Accommodation cost
from 8th to 14th of August 2024
The cost of extending the stay by an additional night
Single room180 EUR / room30 EUR / room
Double room240 EUR / room40 EUR / room

The dormitory is of a high standard and has recently undergone modernization.
Toilet in a module (for 2 rooms). There is also a kitchen in the module. WiFi is available on the premises.
To book accommodation, please contact:

Festival Schedule

Wroclaw OPEN A  |  Wroclaw OPEN B | Wroclaw OPEN C

Thursday, 8.08.202415:00Registration deadline
16:30Opening ceremony & Round 1
Friday, 9.08.202410:00Round 2
16:30Round 3
Saturday, 10.08.202416:30Round 4
Sunday, 11.08.202416:30Round 5
Monday, 12.08.202410:00Round 6
16:30Round 7
Tuesday, 13.08.202416:30Round 8
Wednesday, 14.08.202410:00Round 9
15:00Closing ceremony
From 18:00Party at the Marina & Anderssen Blitz

Group D – Weekend FIDE OPEN  | Group E „Second step” tournament

Saturday, 10.08.20248:40Registration deadline
9:00Opening ceremony
9:00  – 16:00Rounds 1-4
Sunday, 11.08.20249:00 – 15:30Rounds 5-7
~15:30Closing ceremony

Group F – „First step” tournament

Saturday, 10.08.20248:40Registration deadline
9:00Opening ceremony
9:00 – ~15:30Rounds 1-6
~15:30Closing ceremony


Thursday, 15.08.2024
(Polish Army Day)
10:00Registration deadline
10:10Opening ceremony
10:15-16:30Rounds 1-9
Approx. 16:30Anderssen Memorial closing ceremony
Final provisions

Participation in the Festival is equivalent to giving consent for processing your personal data by the organizer to the extent necessary for the organization of the competition.

The organizer reserves the right to use free of charge audiovisual materials produced during the tournament, in particular photos and film materials presenting participants for information and promotion purposes.

Players insure themselves at their own expense.
The final interpretation of these regulations belongs to the organizer.
The organizer reserves the right to change the regulations.